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About Me

Karen Yeboah-Norment is a Dual Board-certified Family and Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner. Karen obtained her BSN degree from Duquesne University in 2011, MSN degree in Family Nurse Practitioner at The College of New Jersey in 2016 and her Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Certification from Wilkes University in 2021.


Working in the healthcare field for the past twelve years has increased Karen’s patient care confidence and experience. Karen’s nurse practitioner experience includes working in a retail clinic, primary care, home care, doing telemedicine psychiatry, and performing Veteran disability exams. Karen has taught clinical to LPN students at Lincoln Technical Institute and was awarded NP Charter of the Year in 2017.


Karen created these courses/webinar to improve the confidence for student nurse practitioners starting clinical rotations, and for novice and experienced nurse practitioners entering practice, as nurse practitioners are expected to be competent immediately after orientation, and receive no or little training when they start practicing.


In addition, Karen would like to provide mentorship through these courses/webinar because she always has been passionate in helping the future generation of nurse practitioners become their best potential of themselves.  Karen has remained knowledgeable about topics in healthcare by attending nurse practitioner education conferences at NPACE, Monmouth University, Practicing Clinicians Exchange, Psych Congress and Postpartum Support International. 

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Doctor's Desk

Atiya Lamptey MSN RN APN-C

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What is the MEET & GREET? What are the dates of the MEET & GREET?
    The Meet & Greet is for participants who PURCHASED the recorded Pearls to Practice Primary/Urgent Care Course and/or Pearls for Psychiatry Course. This is the participant's opportunity to ask any questions about the course and to discuss anything NP (negotiation, salary, NP specialties, CME conferences, etc.) During the Meet & Greet, if you have a patient case we can discuss briefly if it relates to the purchased course. The Meet & Greet will be held quarterly on a Sunday afternoon from 3-4 PM EST. Click the Meet & Greet tab to schedule. Once the participant schedules the Meet & Greet, the participant will get a Google Meet link about one week prior to the Meet & Greet session. To reschedule the Meet & Greet, please reschedule on and to cancel your Meet and Greet session, please email If you schedule a Meet & Greet and you NO CALL/NO SHOW, you cannot reschedule the Meet & Greet session.
  • How long is the course?
    The Pearls for Practice Primary/Urgent Care course should take about 4 hours to complete. The Pearls for Psychiatry Course should take about 3 hours to complete.
  • What topics will be discussed in the Pearls for Psych course?
    Anxiety Depression Insomnia ADHD PTSD Bipolar disorder OCD Alcohol Dependence Eating Disorders (Bulimia Nervosa, Anorexia Nervosa, & Binge Eating Disorder) Doing a psychiatric evaluation for Bariatric Surgery Postpartum Support International Tips in Prescribing Medication for Pregnant Woman
  • Do the CEUs expire?
    You must complete the pre test, post test, and evaluation to obtain your CEU certificate. The CEU certificate expires on November 23, 2025.
  • How much is the Pearls for Primary/Urgent Care course?
    The price is $150, which includes processing fees.
  • How do I receive my CEU certificate?
    Complete the course. Complete the pre and post test questions. Complete the evaluation survey. Once the above is all complete, you will receive the CEU certificate within one week, which will be sent to you by your email.
  • What is the objective of the Pearls to Practice Courses?
    Increase the confidence of the student, novice and experienced nurse practitioner Increase the knowledge of assessing and treating the twenty most common medical diagnoses seen in primary and urgent care The participant will be able to ask questions in assessing a common diagnosis seen in primary and urgent care, perform a physical exam, learn various treatment options, write a sample treatment plan, and learn brief pharmacology. Attain mentorship in your nurse practitioner career
  • Does the course/webinar provide notes?
    Yes, each participant will receive a powerpoint with notes, a reference cheat sheet on certain diagnoses that will be discussed, and sample test results the same day you purchase the recorded course or one day prior to the live webinar by email.
  • What is the lifetime mentorship include?
    The Lifetime mentorship includes mentorship regarding questions with salary, negotiation, starting telehealth psychiatry practice, starting a job, etc. Mentorship will be provided at the Meet & Greet and after the Meet & Greet by text or call, or you can contact me to make an individual appointment. The lifetime mentorship does not include discussing patient cases. If you would like to discuss patient cases that will result in a one hour fee of $70 after the Meet and Greet.
  • Who can purchase the course(s)?
    The courses is for the student nurse practitioner entering clinical rotations, novice, and experienced nurse practitioners who want to advance their knowledge on the most common diagnoses seen in primary and urgent care and/or psychiatry.
  • What happens if I need to reschedule or cancel my webinar after I paid?
    Please contact Karen Yeboah-Norment at to reschedule or cancel your webinar. If the participant needs to cancel his or her webinar 24 hours prior to the webinar, payment will not be returned, however, participant may request recorded version of the webinar. If the participant is a no show to the webinar after payment has been paid, a refund will not be returned to the participant, but the participant can request to receive the recorded version of the webinar.
  • How much is the Pearls for Psychiatry course?
    The price is $130, which includes processing fees.
  • How do I book the course?
    To book the course, click the Educational Media Downloads. ONCE YOUR PURCHASE THE RECORDED COURSE, IT IS NON-REFUNDABLE!
  • What do you receive with the course packages?
    Lifetime access to the recorded course(s) Power point notes, reference sheets, sample tests results based on certain topics discussed Free lifetime mentorship about being a nurse practitioner or seeking advice regarding jobs, negotiation, and starting a telehealth psychiatry practice Quarterly Meet & Greet sessions to discuss any questions you have regarding the course, mentorship, seeking advice regarding jobs, negotiation, and starting a telehealth psychiatry practice
  • What topics will be discussed during the Pearls for Practice Primary/Urgent Care Course?
    The topics that will be discussed during the course are: Sinusitis Bronchitis Allergic Rhinitis Pharyngitis Conjunctivitis Covid-19 Pneumonia Asthma Cellulitis Contact Dermatitis Anxiety Depression Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Insomnia Urinary Tract Infection Back Pain Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Hypertension Headaches Weight loss medications
  • Does the course(s) include CEU credits? If so, how much?
    Yes, the Pearls for Primary/Urgent Care Course and the Pearls for Psychiatry course now include CEU credits. Pearls for NPs is now an Approved Continuing Nursing Education Provider, approved by the New Jersey State Nurses Association, an accredited approver by the American Nurses Credentialing Center's Commission on Accreditation. The Pearls for Primary/Urgent Care Course now provides 5.0 contact hours. The Pearls for Psychiatry Course now provides 3.25 contact hours.
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